Dixie & Charlemagne's litter born 4/7/21

Third Generation Mastador puppies

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Puppies at 4 1/2 weeks old!


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These beautiful puppies are the pairing of Dixie of the Olde Dominion and Charlemagne ("Charlie"). Both of these parents have excellent temperaments and intelligence with medium drive. Dixie has a medium-soft coat. Charlie has a hard top coat and soft undercoat. Dixie is the daughter of an F1 Mastador mother and an F1B Mastador father (She is 60% Mastiff, 40% Lab). Charlie is the son of an English Mastiff father and an English Lab mother (he is 50% Mastiff, 50% Lab). These pups are approximately 55% Mastiff, 45% Lab. Expect these pups to mature in the 80-120 lb. range as adults.. See below for more information on Dixie & Charlemagne.

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An explanation of the different types of Mastadors:

F1: First Generation. English Mastiff bred to Labrador Retriever.

F1B: First Generation Mastador bred to either of the foundation breeds:
Mastador bred to Lab = 75% Lab, 25% Mastiff puppies.
Mastador bred to Mastiff = 75% Mastiff, 25% Lab puppies.

F2: Second Generation. First Generation Mastador bred to First Generation Mastador.
3rd Generation: Second Generation Mastador bred to First or Second Generation Mastador

These puppies are 3rd Generation Mastadors.

2 1/2 weeks old. Eyes open!


Just a few days old!


Dam & Sire: Dixie of the Olde Dominion & Charlemagne


Dixie of the Olde Dominion at Covenant Farm

Dixie is actually 60% Mastiff, 40% Lab, her Mastador mom being an F1 (first generation) Mastador, and her dad being an F1B (75% Mastiff, 25% Lab) Mastador.

Dixie is a sweet, gentle soul. She loves close physical companionship. She loves the water, and enjoys most Lab activities. She's very laid-back and affectionate. Her pups promise to mimick those traits, as they are also shared by Charlie.

Dixie's name represents our deep love of our adopted Southland. The Olde Domion is what the Commonwealth of Virginia was first called. It was the first American colony, started as Jamestown Plantation by King James I of England (who was also King James VI of Scotland) in 1607.

Charlemagne at Covenant Farm

"Charlie" is the foundation of our future Second Generation Mastador breeding program (Mastadors bred to Mastadors, rather than Labs bred to Mastiffs) His mother is an AKC registered black English Labrador Retriever and his dad is an AKC registered fawn English Mastiff. He was born in April 2015. Charlie weighs about 130 lbs.

Charlie is a calm, friendly, laid-back lad. He loves to lay about most of the day, but when it's playtime, he's all over it!. He loves to swim as much as any of our Labs, and he loves to fetch. He's fairly low-drive lad.

Charlie is named for the Christian emperor, Charlemagne, of the Holy Roman Empire (724 AD to 814 AD). He brought together the fragmented European nations and tribes under a Christian banner, after the Roman Empire had been destroyed by pagan, barbarian Germanic and Scandinavian tribes. While perhaps a *little* ostentatious, we love to name our studs after heroic and valiant men (like our Jeb Stuart and Rob Roy).

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