Letters from New Puppy Owners

We love hearing back from families that have bought puppies from us! Nothing makes us happier than to hear how well a new puppy is fitting in with their family. Here are a few of the notes and photos we have received over the last couple of years.

Dear Bruce, I wish there were a way to let people know how wonderful it is to get TWO puppies at the same time. We took home a male puppy from Rob Roy/ Annie and a male puppy from Jeb Stuart/ Daizie and can highly reccommend it to potential buyers. The two are inseperable. They exhaust each other playing and wrestling and exploring and then collapse in a furry ball together. We feel so much better leaving them because they comfort and entertain each other and stay in the same large crate. They are healthy and beautiful and have such fun and distinct personalities. Even though we are getting a lot less sleep right now, every morning feels like Christmas- walking in to the kitchen to see these joyful, wiggly puppies waiting for us. You have bred some amazing dogs. Thanks!

We hope you and your family have a very special Christmas.
Fondly, Leslie & Dan

Hi Bruce! Oliver is doing great. He is such a sweet puppy! He and Copper get along amazingly. They are best friends and always laying as close as possible to each other. When they play they never growl either. I think it is awesome that you are going to be breeding Mastiff and Lab! Mastiffs and Labs are such great dogs! Oliver's brother, Oscar, is doing well too. He loves to swim in my parents pool and is seriously spoiled! He is living the life in AZ! :) Take Care, Sarah

(Sarah's parents in Arizona bought another pup from this litter, Annie x Rob Roy)

I just wanted to give you an update on Cooper who was part of Dazie and Big Jakeís litter born on February 17, 2010. I really donít know where to begin so Iíll start off by commending you and your family for a job well done, I couldnít have asked for a better dog. He is one of the smartest dogs I have ever been around and his temperament is impeccable. His obedience at 5 months old is amazing, he is completely house-broken, knows what he can and canít chew, and is just full of energy and eager to please. He also loves the company of people and other dogs as he has never shown any aggression in the time that I have had him. Thank you again for everything and I hope all is well.

Regards, Robby, Richmond, Virginia

Hi Bruce, I wanted to give you an update on our puppies from you! Gus (son of Rob Roy and Annie - now 5 months old), and Sprinkles (daughter of Jeb and Liberty - now 15 months old) are such fabulous puppies and bring us so much joy. They have been best friends since Gus' first day in our home and do a great job tiring each other out. They are both very intelligent, well behaved, and affectionate. Their favorite activities include going to the dog park (we take them almost every day), playing with and chewing on toys, and teasing each other. We think Sprinkles looks just like her mom, Liberty, and Gus looks just like his dad, Rob Roy. Gus also takes after his dad in his love of swimming and getting dirty. I have attached a couple pictures of them. Thank you for the best dogs ever!!

Lisa and Adam - Durham, NC

Hello again, A co-worker of mine told me that he just put a down payment on a black lab from you all. I just wanted to send you some pictures of "Mocha" our chocolate lab that we got from you all over 2 years ago now I guess. She's a perfect dog, spoiled in every way. She's very protective of my 3 year old son and now our newborn daughter also. She's actually very laid back, even as a little puppy she was very calm and really the only times she got wild was for the first 5 minutes or so when company would come over.

She is EXTREMELY protective of my son.....last summer there was a snake near our garden and she put herself in between it and my son making sure he didn't go near it. I think sometimes she thinks she's a little lapdog and tries to climb in my lap when I'm watching tv. She is very loving and loves to lie in the sun on the front porch in the summer time, and also loves to have her belly rubbed. When we do board her for our summer vacation all the workers call her the "social butterfly" and always comment on how pretty her coat is. I'll send you some more pictures from time to time......

Thanks again, Ryan
Campbell Co. VA Sherrif's Deputy (Mocha is one of Liberty's puppies from our first litter of registered Labs)

2 months
5 months
9 months

Hi again, Bruce and Family, Well we spent last week in Maine with our family from Virginia. It was the first time our Molly went in the lake. The first day she wouldn't dive off the dock but as you can see by the pictures day two was a different story. Take care

Hi Bruce and family, Wanted to send you some pictures of Molly from Gabby and Jeb's litter. She is almost 5 months old and is about 35 pounds. She is doing great with the crate during the day and at night she is sleeping at the foot of our bed . She is a very active girl loves running outside and playing in the snow. In January she made her first trip to Maine and did very well. We look forward to taking her back this summer., I'm sure she will spend alot of time in the lake. Well take care and we will continue to send you pictures as she grows.

Hi Bruce and Family, As I promised here are a few pictures of our girl Molly on her holiday in Maine in May. I hope you enjoy them She is really growing up as you know she is going on 9 months old and we can hardly believe it. Just seems like yesterday we were picking her up at your farm. Take care, and I will continue to send you pictures as our girl grows.

Karen and Keith
Oxford, Connecticut

Hi Bruce. Hope you all are enjoying all the snow. Cream Boy, now known as Bo, is loving it. Just wanted to send you an update with some pics. He is growing fast and weighs almost 40lbs. He has become my 3 year old's buddy. He follows Cassidy around and gives in to her every whim. It is kinda cute to watch the two of them. He is crate trained and just about housetrained with only occasional accidents. We hung a cowbell on the door and rang it whenever we took him out to potty and now he rings the bell when he needs to go. He is a bundle of energy but blending into our family nicely. We still want one of Rob Roy's pups whenever he sires a litter so let us know.

Tammy, Lynchburg, VA

Hi Bruce.

Bo and Bailey are both well. They love each other. They are very good dogs and complement each other well. Bo is very active and Bailey very laid back so they usually meet in the middle. The kids love them and they enjoy the children just as much. I have attached some pics. -Tammy

Bo (left) is from Sophee x Jeb 2009; Bailey (right) is from Annie x Rob Roy


Hi Bruce, I wanted to send in a few pictures of Jasper, from Gabriella and Jeb's litter. We couldn't be happier with Jasper. His personality and temperament is first class. He is not quite five months old and pushing 40 pounds. I've nicknamed him "Moose." He immediately took to the crate training and is so smart. He follows me around everywhere in the house and is happiest sitting next to me eating a bone on the couch. I can't keep him out of water (he loves the shower) and he's discovered a new love for bouncing around in snow! I would absolutely get another dog from you (which I hope to do in the future so Jasper has a playmate). Take care,

Kate and Greg
Philadelphia, Penn.

I would like to let you know that Hershey is fitting in very well with our family. She is a very active puppy and loves to chew on every thing she can find in the yard from plastic bottles,boxes and stickes plus all of her toys not to mention she likes to dig as well.When she was about 6 months old she was about 57lbs. I hope you enjoy the pics of her.

Sincerely, Michelle K.
Manassas, Virginia

Hi Bruce, Bailey Blue as we call him is adapting very nicely in our home. He and Baxter are getting along great and though each day is a challenge for me, it is also very rewarding. I cannot thank you and your family for all you did for me. I will try to send a note and a picture as often as I can to let you see how well he is doing. May God Bless you and yours in all your good works. As always, Gloria

Hi Bruce, So glad you liked the pictures. He is a wonderful dog and I thank God everyday that he is a part of my life. I will try to send you pictures periodically so you can enjoy his progress. He makes us laugh all the time and a loyal friend I believe he will be for a long time. Blessings, Gloria
(Gloria is a disabled woman who we sold Bailey to for a nominal fee)

Saturday was my day to wash bedding so I did this as usual. It was such a nice day that I decided to hang my comforter out on the line to dry. Once dry, I folded it and put it into the basket and then I placed the basket in my room. When I returned to my room, this is what I found.

I thought that you would enjoy this photo. Gunner is getting so big. He is completely potty trained now but we are still working on other training as his personality needs it. He sure is a handful. He is so cute that you can't possibly get mad at him for anything that he does. He gets away with more than he should with his adorable face. We all just love him so.
-Cherie, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Subject: Apple Falling from Tree


Your photo reminded me of one we actually have on the web site of Gunner's mom, Shelby. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree :).



Bruce and Beverly,

I just wanted to touch base with you and thank you for such a wonderful dog! Kingsley, now 49 lbs and growing (6 months old) is the most wonderful dog I have ever known! I attached some pictures of him from his first beach/ocean trip last week. Again, thank you so much and I hope all is well!

-Stephanie M.
Arlington, Virginia

(Kingsley is from our very first registered litter of purebred Labs from our girl Liberty, now retired.)

Bruce and Beverly,

We just wanted to give you an update on Kingsley; he is doing great and will be three years old in January. Brian and I canít thank you enough for such an amazing dog. This photo was taken August 21, 2010 at my bridal shower, where he spent time chewing sticks and mingling with 25 ladies, while the men went golfing! Again, thank you so much and we will continue to keep you updated on Kingsley, as we will be looking to get him a friend soon!

Take care,

Stephanie and Brian

Bruce and Beverly,
Just wanted to let you know that she did really well her first day and night here. She is very respectful of the two other dogs and does really well in the crate (she goes in all by herself and lays down for nap). How did you do that??? She's just awesome. We'll keep in touch. Thanks again.
- Bridget, Joan, Jake and Ben

Hi Bruce and Beverly, We love the website you created for the puppys, and are so proud that Roxy is so famous!!:) We've attached some recent photos of her (over the past week). She's about 9 1/2 months in these photos. We also wanted you to know that she is a fantastic pup. She has fit in so well in our family. She loves the boys and never wanders too far from us. If we could we would have ten more of her.

-Joan & Bridget, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thanks so much, Bruce, We really appreciate it.

We absolutely LOVE "Bella" and are so thankful for her, our lives wouldn't be the same without her! We are contemplating getting her a little friend in the next year, which is why we appreciate you keeping us on your list. Here is a semi-recent photo. Thanks so much!

-Meredith & Whit
Washington, DC

Hi Bruce, We are doing well and still loving and enjoying Jack and Bella. Jack definitely is a handful, but he is a sweet handful! I think Bella tries to keep him in line sometimes. They love playing in our backyard, and we have a few creeks and lakes around that they love to play in too. And our daughter, who is 1 year old, thinks they are the best! They are huge stuffed animals to her :)

Thanks, Meredith

Meredith & Whit now own Bella (Liberty x Jeb Stuart - Aug '08) & Jack (Liberty x Big Jake - Oct. '09)

Hey Bruce and Family:

We are great! We celebrated Jake's birthday on the 25th of January. He is a wonderful, wonderful dog!!! He is a momma's boy though. I can't leave the room without him in tow. We put him through professional training when he was 6 months old. He was gone for 3 weeks. We went out to see him twice a week, sometimes with Keisha (our black lab). We did awesome! I'm sending current pictures of him. He's quite handsome, if I should say so myself. We lost Keisha two weeks ago to heart problems, she was almost 10 years old. Jake misses her terribly. Jim wants to breed Jake and we know we can't until he's at least 2. I've heard that I need to get him to a specialist and have his hips x-rayed. He would make a great stud. His temperment is the best!!!

Glad you keep in touch, Melanie
Double Oak, Texas

(Melanie & Jim flew from Texas to pick up Jake)


Recent photos of Jake. He is from our very first registered litter of purebred Labs from our girl Liberty, now retired.

Taken on a vacation to Colorado early Summer 2010.

Just wanted to write and let you know that Cocoa has turned out to be a wonderful dog and companion. I just wanted to write to you and let you know that you sir did a wonderful job in breeding this fine animal. He is balanced, has accepted that I am the lead dog, and has formed his own little niche in our home. He became fast friends with our kitten Casey and they are like brothers. They play every day and when Cocoa senses Casey has had enough he lays on the floor and exposes his belly allowing Casey to run the play time. A true gentlemen. He enjoys a life of love, rules, full run of the yard both front and back, toys, walks daily, and time daily to do as he pleases. Thank you for adding such joy to our lives he truly is one of a kind. I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that one of your previous pups is doing very well and being very much loved. I just wanted you to know you that I would recommend your farm to anyone looking to get a Lab. And if we ever get another Lab we will be seeking you out to find our next companion. Thank you so much and you have a blessed year.
Sincerely, Michelle J.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Bruce and Bev,
Riley had a wonderful weekend and absolutely loves playing with the other dogs at the dog park! You can tell she has been very well socialized as she thinks she is just one of the big girls. She has done really well with her crate and is sleeping very well. She is the hit of the block and we can't get very far on our walks because everyone fusses over her. We love it!

I would be happy to have you put up photos of Riley along with our story! We are thrilled with the decision we made, and we like to think Riley is very happy too. ;) I will be sure to save your e-mail and continue sending updates. Thank you again for all of your time and help in getting Riley to us. We couldn't be happier!

Take care, Cari
Denver, Colorado

(Matt & Cari had a friend in Roanoke, Virginia come pick up Riley and ship her to them in Colorado)

The Labradoodles

The following letters come from our one and only litter of Labradoodles. This was an unexpected litter from our Dazie who, unbeknownst to us, was already pregnant when we bought her from a breeder who had thought the breeding had been unsuccessful.


I wanted to let you know that Timber (#3) was in for his first vet check yesterday. He passed with flying colors. Good eyes, teeth, ears, coat, temperature, hips, and a clear stool sample. Our vet did go ahead and give him his second set of shots. He was exhausted and a little quiet for the first 24 hours home, then perked up Sunday afternoon. He has been doing impressively well on his potty training, he goes almost as soon and I bring him out. We are really enjoying him! We will continue to keep you updated.

Sincerely, Helen
Charlottesville, Virginia


Just wanted to pass along a photo and an update as our puppy Timber turns 1! He is doing well and had had a very healthy first year. He is very tolerant of the children and enjoys escorting them to and from the bus stop during the school year. He has a group of dog friends in the neighborhood and regularly playdates with another Doodle and a Lab Mix. His favorite game is, "I've got it, come and get me" which he plays with shoes, socks, or even just a stick. Dad has taught him several tricks. He knows the basics, come, sit, stay, as well as roll over, shake, and salute (hold one paw up while sitting). He is also learning to retrieve the morning paper! I just wanted to let you know that he is doing well and we are thoroughly enjoying him. He is a beautiful dog with an outstanding temperament!

Charlottesville, VA

Hello Murch Family,

Just wanted to update you on our Lottie girl. She is a rambunctious little pup. My youngest, Chloe, is getting better and better everyday with her. She got weighed yesterday and she is up to 15.2lbs. That's an increase of 4lbs from the first vet appointment that we took her to. I do believe that she is going to be a big girl.

We all just adore her and she is a wonderful addition to our family. Enjoy the pictures and thank you for everything!!!!

-Tammi G.
Mechanicsville, Maryland

Hello Murch Family!!!!

Well today is our Lottie's birthday. I thought I would send her birthday picture to you all. She is still rambunctious and can be a little devious at times (she likes to take the remote control for the TV, much to our girls dismay) but I wouldn't trade her for anything. We all love her so very much. The girls have taught her to sit, stay (for a bit ), and to shake hands. She loves the rabbits that get into our backyard or at least she likes to chase them. So far thankfully she hasn't caught one! I hope all is well with your family. We still like to go on to the website and look at the new puppies that you get and we are looking forward to Dazie's next litter.

Take Care, Tammi

Hi Murch Family,

Katie has adjusted well to her new home. She and my 4 year old Labradoodle Dixie play hard everyday. Everyone's response to her is "she is so cute". The vet was very impressed by her health and care. She said that she can always tell the puppies that have good care from their breeders. She also was impressed with the puppy guarantee that you offer.Katie now weighs 18.2 #. She seems to always be hungry, feeding time around here is crazy, she wants to eat every other dog's food, and they have learned to eat their food right away. Your new pups are very cute, I can't wait to see the pictures as they grow. I feel like I'm watching my own pups as I got to see and know your dogs on the pickup day. I'll send pictures when Katie gets big. Thank you for such a beautiful dog and a wonderful friend.

- David and Shirl, Farmville, Virginia

Hi Bruce,

I hope all is well with you and your family. I have been watching your litters since we picked up Katie. Ya'll have had some nice pups. I can't believe Katie is 1 year old today. She is doing very well. She is so curly and does not shed a hair, thats a desired quality in a labradoodle. I'll try to send pics, I'm not very good with the computer. Can't wait to see her and Cooper's pups.

Thanks for a wonderful dog, she is in very good health.

David and Shirl, Farmville, Va.
(David & Shirl breed Labradoodles, and will breed Katie when she is of age)

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