Mastador Breeders We Recommend

If you are unable to get a puppy from us,
please consider one of these other trusted breeders:

East Coast

Alysha Quillen
(717) 521-8506

*Alysha has been mentored by us. She has breeding dogs that are not from our lines, and breeds both English Mastiffs and Mastadors. She's located in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Ann Carreno
(352) 362-4556

*Ann has been a breeder for many years. We got our chocolate Lab stud, Rhyme Time from her nearly 12 years ago, and got her started breeding Mastadors with an English Mastiff from our lines about 5 years ago. She also uses a stud that came from us (son of Anabelle & Charlemagne) for her Mastador puppies. She is located in Central Florida.

[F2 Mastadors (50/50) September 2021]

Ray & Danya Rose ~ Rose's Mastadors
352.797.9797 or 352.799.7979

Ray & Danya Rose are the breeders we got our Charlemagne from. They now use Savage, the son of Anabelle & Charlemagne as their stud. They also have females from our Mastiff lines that they have produced Mastadors with. They are trustworthy breeders located in Central Florida.



Melissa Bieber
(320) 267-8034

*Melissa is the original Mastador breeder. We got our Maggie & Dixie from her. Located in Minnesota.

[Mastadors puppies available now, plus upcoming litters]

Paul & Micki Fike
(989) 854-9755 text

*Paul & Micki are reliable breeders in Michigan. We got our Lady Jane Grey from them.


West Coast

Lea McCullough ~ McCullough Mastadors
(206) 718-7662

*Lea has been mentored by us, and all of her breeding dogs come from our lines. Her stud is the littermate of our Sassa. Her two girls are the daughters of Lorna Doone and Anabelle, with Charlemagne as the dad of both. She is located in Washington state.

Edie Storm

*Edie has been breeding Mastadors for about 3 years. Her stud is the son of our Maggie & Charlemagne. She is located in Washington state.

Brian Honcoop ~ Twin Creek Mastadors
(360) 739-9519

*Brian is a breeder that we have mentored. His dogs are not from our lines, and have some American Lab in their the pedigrees. He is a trustworthy breeder, located in Washington state.

[Three upcoming litters. Some of these pups have American Lab in their lines, as opposed to English Labs]