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Charlemagne at Covenant Farm

"Charlie" is the foundation of our Second Generation Mastador breeding program (Mastadors bred to Mastadors, rather than Labs bred to Mastiffs) His mother is an AKC registered black English Labrador Retriever and his dad is an AKC registered fawn English Mastiff. He was born in April 2015. He weighs about 130 lbs.

Charlie's puppies have not been a disappointment. A wide array of colors, along with his friendly, calm demeanor, seem to be transmitted to all of his kids. His own unusual color shows up in at least one puppy in all of his 2nd generation litters.

Charlie is named for the Christian emperor, Charlemagne, of the Holy Roman Empire (724 AD to 814 AD). He brought together the fragmented European nations and tribes under a Christian banner, after the Roman Empire had been destroyed by pagan, barbarian Germanic and Scandinavian tribes. While perhaps a *little* ostentatious, we love to name our studs after heroic and valiant men (like our Jeb Stuart and Rob Roy).

Charlemagne's offspring are also being used as breeding dogs. We use his son, Chachi (from Lorna Doone) and his grandson, Cooper. A breeder in Washington state uses his daughters (one from from Lorna Doone and one from Anabelle), and another Washington breeder uses is son (from Maggie) as a stud. The breeder we bought Charlie from in Florida, uses his son (from Anabelle) as a stud.

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Sassa of Covenant Farm

Sassa is a First Generation Mastador. Her father is Duke Brown IX, a chocolate English Lab, and her mother is Magdalene May, a fawn English Mastiff.

Sassa and her sister Kensey came to us from a litter that we bought entirely from a family in Wisconsin, after mentoring them in the breeding process.We kept Kensey and Sassa and sold the rest of the puppies. Sassa has a beautiful build. She still has growing to do, but weighs about 90 lbs so far. She is has great guardian instincts, and loves to be close to her people. She has her puppies with Chachi, son of Lorna Doone and Charlemagne!

Dixie of the Olde Dominion at Covenant Farm

Dixie was born June 1st, 2015. She is a 2nd Generation Mastador. She and her sister Maggie come to us from Melissa Bieber. Her father is an F1B Mastador (75% Mastiff / 25% Lab) and her mom is an F1 Mastador (50% Lab / 50% Mastiff). Her puppies with Charlie are 55% Mastiff and 45% Lab, and are 3rd Generation).

Dixie's name was given to her by her breeder, but we kept it. It represents our deep love of our adopted Southland. The Olde Dominion is what the Commonwealth of Virginia was first called. It was the first American colony, started as Jamestown Plantation by King James I of England (who was also King James VI of Scotland) in 1607.

Dixie and Maggie are half-sisters. They have the same father, and their mothers are sisters from the same litter.

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Anabelle of Covenant Farm

Anabelle is a First Generation Mastador. Her father is Max, our English Mastiff stud, and her mother is Kelsey, our retired yellow English Lab. She is beautifully built at 130 lbs. She has a beautiful sleek, soft coat.

Anabelle is Lorna Doone's half-sister, and has many of the same personality traits. She is playful, very calm and laid-back, and very affectionate. She loves close physical contact, and enjoys having as much of herself in your lap as she can fit! Like all of our Mastadors, she loves swimming, and is an excellent hunter.

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Lady Jane Grey of Covenant Farm

Lady Jane Grey is a First Generation Mastador. Her father was a 200 lb. English Mastiff and her mother is a 90 lb. English Lab. She weighs in at just over 115 lbs. She has a beautiful sleek, soft coat.

Lady Jane came to us from Paul Fike, a hobby breeder in Michigan whom we also recommend when he has puppies available. She is one of three Mastadors that we own that did not originate from Covenant Farm Puppy breeding lines. We expect her puppies to be very similar in color and size to those of Anabelle and Lorna Doone.

Lady Jane is a family favorite. She has all the endearing qualities of the Lab, and the quieter demeanor of the English Mastiff. She loves to be physically close whenever she can be, and is at my feet as I write. She is gentle with our grandchildren, and gets along with every animal she has come in contact with. She is highly intelligent and was easy to train.

Her name comes from the historical figure who was crowned Queen of England by the will of King Edward VI, her first cousin. He nominated her because his half-sister Mary was Catholic, and he had essentially established the Church of England as a Protestant nation just after the Reformation. But in the intrigues of the day, Mary successfully got Lady Jane deposed after only nine days as queen, then had her executed on February 12, 1554 for "high treason" because she remained a threat to Mary's crown. She was 19 years old. Lady Jane is considered a Protestant martyr.

Abigail Adams of Covenant Farm

Abby is a purebred English Labrador Retriever. She is the great-granddaughter of our English Labs, Kelsey & Rob Roy, and comes from Sunset Retrievers in Smithfield, Virginia. Abby's great-grandmother Kelsey, is our Anabelle's mother.

Abby has a medium-high drive. She loves attention, and she loves to play, play, play, with people, or any other dogs she can challenge to a game of keep-away. She smart as a whip. She is a well-built lass, already weighing in at over 80 lbs.

We had originally planned for her first litter to be First Generation Mastadors. Due to a last minute emergency, we ended up using Charlemagne, our Mastador. Abby's first litter is F1B Mastador, 75% Lab, 25% Mastador
. Subsequent litters will be F1 (50/50).

~ Chachi ~


"Chachi" is the son of our Lorna Doone & Charlemagne. He is an F2 Mastador, 50% English Mastiff, 50% English Lab. He was brought in as a substitute sire for Sassa, who we obtained from outside our breeding lines. Having lost Chachi's mother to a tragic accident in December 2019, we chose to use Chachi to keep her excellent breeding line alive.

Chachi is a big, big, baby. At 18 months old, he was over 165 lbs. He's a big couch potato, but still loves to play. He thinks he's a lap dog. No, really. He is owned by our dear friends John & Melissa Parr, who live not far from the farm. He has produced exceptional puppies with Sassa thus far.

~ Cooper ~

"Cooper" is the grandson of our Lorna Doone & Charlemagne. He is an F1B Mastador, 75% English Mastiff, 25% English Lab. He was brought in as a substitute sire for Kensey, when Charlemagne was going through a period of infertility.

Cooper is a perfect companion, very sweet and laid-back, at home in the house (and on the bed), as well as in the field. He's about 125 lbs, but has not yet reached his full mature weight.


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