How do I go about reserving a puppy?


We require a deposit to reserve a puppy (the amount of the deposit appears on the web page for each litter). This deposit is non-refundable (except in the case that the puppy you reserved becomes unavailable through sickness, death or injury). We do not accept deposits before a litter is born, but we maintain a waiting list for each litter. The waiting list does not guarantee you will get a puppy. It only guarantees that you will have an opportunity to place a deposit before the general public does. Once the litter is born, and we see how many males and females there are, the folks on the list get 48 hours to respond to the announcement and make their deposits before we open it to the public. It's likely that some folks will end up disappointed because there are not enough of one sex or the other for everybody that wanted them. Before being put on a waiting list, you must be "approved" by us either by phone or email. The criteria for that are explained below.

Before Placing a Deposit

We do not have a questionnaire or a contract. But before we put you on a waiting list, we have a few questions we need to ask, just to make sure our puppies are a good fit with your family. The most important one has to do with your daily routine. Is there a person or another dog that is home all day during the day? We have a strict policy that we do not sell a puppy into a home where he or she will be left alone for several hours each day. They must have either human or dog companionship during the day. Labs are very social dogs, and puppies especially. They are babies, and simply cannot be left alone for hours at a time. We'd be happy to explain that policy in detail over the phone. There are no exceptions made for this rule.

Picking a puppy

We take photos at birth and at two weeks when eyes are opened. These are group shots. At four weeks old, we have each of the puppies identified with a number tag and collar, and the photo set has 3 or 4 pictures per puppy, and folks can start making their picks at that point. First deposit, first pick, by desired sex. Another photo set is done at 6 weeks, so you can watch your pup develop.

HERE is what a litter page looks like once the puppies have individual number tags.

If you want to come here to pick your puppy, you can do that. But the pups cannot be handled until they are 6 weeks old and vaccinated. Before then, you can come see them, we will hold each one up close for you to see, you can watch them interact with us and with each other, and meet the parents, you just can't handle them. I encourage folks to make their picks as soon after the 4-week-old photos come out as possible, because there will be other families that cannot make their pick until you make yours. If you have any other questions, feel free to call or write.