~Anne of Red House~

You've no doubt heard of Anne of Green Gables. Meet our Anne of Red House!

Annie in early November 2008

Annie with adopted Grandma Nellie (12 yrs. old) 11-08

Cowgirl Annie in early December 08 - Getting bigger!

Early December 08

Our Christmas girl getting warm by the woodstove.

1-02-09 Annie is maturing into a beautiful and pretty big dog (around 55 lbs now). She gets along with all six of our other dogs, and is not a problem with the livestock at all. She's a bit impetuous and and mischievous, and we don't have her well-trained yet, but she is truly a joy to have around. She comes in and out of the house at will, and plays so much and so hard that she really gives the other dogs a workout!