Retired Lasses

Dixie of the Olde Dominion at Covenant Farm


Dixie was born June 1st, 2015. She is a 2nd Generation Mastador. She and her sister Maggie come to us from Melissa Bieber. Her father is an F1B Mastador (75% Mastiff / 25% Lab) and her mom is an F1 Mastador (50% Lab / 50% Mastiff). Her puppies with Charlie are 55% Mastiff and 45% Lab, and are 3rd Generation).

Dixie's name was given to her by her breeder, but we kept it. It represents our deep love of our adopted Southland. The Olde Dominion is what the Commonwealth of Virginia was first called. It was the first American colony, started as Jamestown Plantation by King James I of England (who was also King James VI of Scotland) in 1607.

Dixie and Maggie are half-sisters. They have the same father, and their mothers are sisters from the same litter. She remains here at the farm as a house dog in her retirement.

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Anabelle of Covenant Farm

Anabelle is a First Generation Mastador. Her father is Max, our English Mastiff stud, and her mother is Kelsey, our retired yellow English Lab. She is beautifully built at 130 lbs. She has a beautiful sleek, soft coat.

Anabelle is Lorna Doone's half-sister, and has many of the same personality traits. She is playful, very calm and laid-back, and very affectionate. She loves close physical contact, and enjoys having as much of herself in your lap as she can fit! Like all of our Mastadors, she loves swimming, and is an excellent hunter.

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Lady Jane Grey of Covenant Farm

Lady Jane Grey is a First Generation Mastador. Her father was a 200 lb. English Mastiff and her mother is a 90 lb. English Lab. She weighs in at just over 125 lbs. She has a beautiful sleek, soft coat.

Lady Jane came to us from Paul Fike, a hobby breeder in Michigan whom we also recommend when he has puppies available. She is one of three Mastadors that we own that did not originate from Covenant Farm Puppy breeding lines. We expect her puppies to be very similar in color and size to those of Anabelle and Lorna Doone.

Lady Jane is a family favorite. She has all the endearing qualities of the Lab, and the quieter demeanor of the English Mastiff. She loves to be physically close whenever she can be, and is at my feet as I write. She is gentle with our grandchildren, and gets along with every animal she has come in contact with. She is highly intelligent and was easy to train.

Her name comes from the historical figure who was crowned Queen of England by the will of King Edward VI, her first cousin. He nominated her because his half-sister Mary was Catholic, and he had essentially established the Church of England as a Protestant nation just after the Reformation. But in the intrigues of the day, Mary successfully got Lady Jane deposed after only nine days as queen, then had her executed on February 12, 1554 for "high treason" because she remained a threat to Mary's crown. She was 19 years old. Lady Jane is considered a Protestant martyr.

Lorna Doone of Covenant Farm

Lorna Doone was a First Generation Mastador. Her father was Max, our retired English Mastiff stud, and her mother was Annie, our retired yellow English Lab. She weighed about 130 lbs.

Lorna Doone was an exceptional dog, perhaps our favorite puppy we have ever owned. She was playful, very calm and laid-back, and very affectionate. She represented the very best qualities of both breeds. She produced 62 puppies with Charlemagne, and her legacy extends to another 20 grandpuppies, and 10 great-granpuppies. One of her sons will be serving as a visitng stuf for Kensey & Sassa' future litters. Lorna Doone was killed in December 2019, struck by a truck in front of the farm. She was five years old.

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Kensey of Covenant Farm

Kensey was a First Generation Mastador. Her father is Duke Brown IX, a chocolate English Lab, and her mother is Magdalene May, a fawn English Mastiff.

Kensey and her sister Sassa came to us from a litter that we bought entirely from a family in Wisconsin, after mentoring them in the breeding process.We kept Kensey and Sassa and sold the rest of the puppies. Kensey had one litter with Cooper, grandson of Lorna Doone and Charlemagne. She tragically passed away after having escaped the farm with her sister for the day. We found them later in the day. Kensey was tired and limping, but there was no sign of emergency in her condition. She died the next morning. We have no clue what the cause was.

Covenant Farm's Margaret, The Pearl of Scotland

Maggie was born June 1st, 2015. She is a 2nd Generation Mastador. She and her sister Dixie come to us from Melissa Bieber. Her father is an F1B Mastador (75% Mastiff / 25% Lab) and her mom is an F1 Mastador (50% Lab / 50% Mastiff). Her puppies with Charlie will be 55% Mastiff and 45% Lab, and in cross-breeding parlance will be F2B Mastadors (halfway between 2nd & 3rd Generation).

Maggie's name is that of an 11th Century Anglo-Saxon princess that escaped the invasion of William the Conqueror in 1066 and went to Scotland. She married Malcolm III, King of Scotland. She was a devout Christian and is recognized as a saint by Roman Catholics and Anglicans. She brought reform to Scottish national life, through her influence on her husband, chiefly through the regular reading of the scriptures to him.

Margaret produced amongst her eight children, three kings of Scotland, and a queen of England (married to Henry I).

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Kelsey of Covenant Farm

Kelsey came to us from a breeder in Oklahoma. She has a good pedigree. She has an excellent, soft, cream-colored coat, heavy build and nice, English-type head. She has a good drive, is very playful and mischievous, but settles down well when in the house. She has excellent retriever instincts. Kelsey weighs about 85 lbs and is AKC registered. Kelsey produced Lab with Rob Roy and Rhyme Time, and 1st Generation Mastador puppies with Max. She retired and spoiled in a house full of girls in Richmond, Virginia

Lilly the Beautyfull Bandogge of Covenant Farm

Lilly is an AKC registered English Mastiff, born in 2010. She's about 135 lbs. Lilly is quiet, gentle and very affectionate. She loves to play with small puppies, and is very sweet with them, rolling over and letting them climb and chew on her. Lilly was retired to pet status in a home with other English Mastiffs in March 2017. She produced six litters with Maximus in her time.

Liberty of Covenant Farm

Liberty is our first breeding dog. She turned 11 years old in July 2016. She is a sweet, laid-back dog that prefers the company of people to other dogs, although she does enjoy her play time with them. She was an excellent Mom to her pups, and has a lovely, quiet demeanor. The photo at right shows Liberty nursing her own litter of 10, and Rascal's litter of 10 when the other dog contracted mastitis and could no longer nurse them. We did not try to bring this about, Liberty just voluntarily went to the yellow puppies. Liberty sleeps on a mat at the foot of our bed as she has from the day we brought her home at 18 months old. She will never leave us. Update: Liberty passed away at age 13 in 2018.

Liberty's Belle of Covenant Farm

Belle is the daughter of Liberty & Big Jake and weighs about 80 lbs. She is 100% American Lab, characterized by the round field head, longer legs and lean body type. Of course, she has her Daddy's excellent pedigree of field champions behind her, and is a sweet girl with an excellent temperament. She has a beautiful sleek, shiny coat that carries to virtually all of her pups. She produced puppies with Rhyme Time, Rob Roy and Charlemagne. She retired to family life in Maine in 2016, and passed in 2019.

Shelby of Covenant Farm


We have raised Shelby from a pup. She is AKC registered and bred from English Lab stock and has the characteristic blocky head and stocky body. She has a few champions in her lineage.Shelby is a rambunctious, curious over-sized puppy, always into everything and always doing the most unexpected and hilarious things. She's ridiculous. You gotta love her.

Shelby was retired in December 2014, and is spoiled by the Seal Family in Luray, Virginia, where she is the acknowledged Queen of the house.

Annie and her last puppy ever.

Covenant Farm's Anne of Red House


Anne of Red House (Annie) is our adorable, silly girl, loved and spoiled by all. We have raised her from a puppy. A full English Lab, her pedigree is loaded with European & domestic champions, including several from England. She is a big girl, nearly 100 lbs., and is sweet and gentle. She loves to get down with the little pups and pretend she's one of them! She has a very calm, laid-back demeanor, and a beautiful cream-colored soft coat. She had four litters with Rob Roy and three with Maximus, our Mastiff. Annie was the foundation of our original Mastador breeding program.

Annie was retired in January 2015 at six years old. Her adopted family has seven children, two with Down's Syndrome. Annie is really in her element, being loved on and smothered by kids all day long at her new home with the churchill Family in Eden, North Carolina.

Sadie pregnant with her second litter

Sadie of Covenant Farm

Sadie was the daughter of our Shelby (retired), and was owned by our son, Sam Murch. She was a beautiful American & English girl with a light, soft coat, high intelligence and an even temperament. She turned 7 years old in June 2015. She weighed about 65 lbs. Sadie was retired and living with a retired couple, enjoying 24/7 attention and spoiling. She passed away in in 2018.

Molly Molasses of Covenant Farm

Molly has a mixture of both English and American in her background. She was our smallest dog, weighing only about 55 lbs. Molly is so sweet, I call her "the honeydripper". Her nicknames are "MollyPop", MarshMolly" and "Smalls". She is very affectionate, with an even temperament and a desire be close. She is an excellent and attentive Mom. She has a milk chocolate coat which is very sleek, glossy and smooth. She has a semi-blocky head, with the shorter legs of an English Lab, but the overall sleek body type of an American Lab. Her puppies mature in the 70-90 lb. range with Rhyme Time as the sire.

Molly was retired in January 2015. She lives in a home with three other dogs as companions, along with her adoptive family. As an added bonus, she has frequent visits with her son, Otis, from her very first litter with Jeb Stuart. She now lives with the Cohen Family in Augusta, Georgia. Addendum: Molly passed away in 2018.

Molly & Faith ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Molly and her son, Otis

Alabaster's Mocha Truffle Gabriella


Gabby was gotten from Alabaster Kennels in Pennsylvania and is from English stock. Built low to the ground, stocky body and blocky head, Gabby is a medium-sized girl, about 75 lbs. She has a sweet temperament, a little cautious of strangers, but warms up after folks pass her inspection. Gabby is an excellent mother. She is AKC regsitered. Gabby now lives on a farm in Gladys, Virginia, where she is spoiled rotten with five kids and two dogs to play with, and sleeps in the bed of their youngest child at night.

Rob Roy of Covenant Farm


This is Rob Roy. We raised him from a puppy. He weighed in at about 120 lbs. He was a very, very laid-back lad. He loved the water, and was wet and dirty most of the time, because he spent so much time in our ponds. Rob Roy was a gentle giant, sweet and tender with young puppies, tussling without overwhelming younger and smaller dogs. He sired litters with Annie, Kelsey, Belle, Sadie and Shelby. Roby Roy is AKC registered. Rob Roy retired to Great Cranberry Island, Maine, where he was well-loved as the mascot of the small island community. He passed away in 2018.

Lawpdoodle's Chocolate Dazie


Dazie is AKC registered from English bloodlines that we got from Lawpdoodle Kennels in West Virginia. She's got the classic blocky head and stocky body, but is a medium-sized girl. Dazie is fun-loving and eager to please, with a tail that won't quit. She has curly fur around her neck and down her back to the top of her hindquarters, a trait that shows up in English Labs from time-to-time. She has a very sweet demeanor and craves attention. Dazie is now home at Meadowbrook Farm, where she was born, and living a happy life..

~Retired Lads~

~ Caesar of Covenant Farm~

Caesar is the son of our Maximus The Mightie Bandogge & Lilly the Beautyfull Bandogge of Covenant Farm. He is an AKC purebred English Mastiff from our very last litter of Mastiffs in 2016. Caesar is owned by our friend Carl Griffith, who is a professional dog trainer at K-9 Off-Leash, the trainers that we recommend to our puppy customers. He's a big, sweet baby and a gentle giant. He preoduce two litters of First Generation Mastador puppies with our Lab, Abigail.


~ Whiskey & Luna of Covenant Farm~


Whiskey is the son of our Dixie & Charlemagne. He is a 3rd generation Mastador, approximately 50% English Mastiff, 50% English Lab. He is owned by Lee Peterson and Melissa Mutter. They established a small hobby breeding program as a satellite of Covenant Farm Puppies. They are located in Wisconsin, and produced three litters in 2022 and 2023. Whiskey was only used as a stud for Luna, who is the littermate of our Sassa. Whiskey weighs about 125 lbs.

Ryme's Daddy, Lincoln Log Playtime Referee

Rhyme Time at Covenant Farm


We have raised Rhyme from a puppy, and he sired litters with Gabby, Belle, Molly, Shelby, Sadie and Ruby. He is a nicely built English lad with several English champions in his pedigree. He's a very even-tempered boy with a calm demeanor. Even as an adult, he's still like a big puppy. He practically lives in the water, and loves to play with the smaller pups. Once you meet him, you'll want to take him home, along with on of his pups! Rhyme is retired to a family on Gaston Lake, North Carolina.

This is Maximus. He is AKC registered from respectable bloodlines. He was born 4/24/11, weighs in at about 190 lbs., and the sire of all of our Mastiff and 1st Generation Mastador puppies. His handsome broad head and excellent apricot coat make him a truly fine-looking sire.

Max is a very calm, even-tempered lad. Max is a gentle giant, sweet and tender with little children and young puppies, completely oblivious to his own size. He is very affectionate and loyal. He loves to stay close to you, and can't understand why you wouldn't want him in your lap.

Max has sired Mastiff litters with Lilly and Mastador litters with Annie, Kelsey and Halo (daughter of Kelsey & Rob Roy). He is the father of our Lorna Doone and Anabelle.

Max is now retired to a pet home.

Where did Max get that ridiculous name?

The Mastiff is an ancient breed thought to be traceable back to the Phonoecians in the 4th Century B.C. We took Max's formal name from old descriptions we found of the Mastiff (in centuries past called the "Mastie" or the "Bandogge" or variations of them).

A description from 1631:

"First, the Mastie that keepeth the house. For this purpose you must provide you such a one as hath a large and mightie body, a great shrill voyce, that both with his barking he may discover, and with his sight dismaye the theefe, yea, being not seene, with the horror of his voice put him to flight...His disposition must neither be too gentle nor too curst, that he neither faune upon a theefe nor flee upon his friends; very waking; no gadder abroad, nor lavish of his mouth, barking without cause; neither maketh it any matter though he be not swifte, for he is but to fight at home, and to give warning of the enemie."

A description from 1570:

"This kinde of Dogge called a Mastyue or Bandogge is vaste, huge, stubborne, ougly, and eager, of a hevy and burthenous body, and therefore but of litle swiftnesse, terrible, and frightfull to beholde...For it is a kinde of dogge capeable of courage, violent and valiaunt, striking could feare into the harts of men, but standing in feare of no man, in so much that no weapons will make him shrincke, nor abridge his boldnes.

Goldenway's Big Jake


Jake is a fine American Labrador with a pedigree just loaded with field champions that we bought from Goldenway Retrievers. Jake is a 3-year-old, high-drive retriever with an excellent build and a beautiful coat. He's a very affectionate lad, at home indoors or out. He has a natural agility that is unmatched by any of our other dogs. He runs extremely fast and leaps like a deer. He weighs 90 lbs. and has sired litters with Liberty, Shelby & Dazie. Several of Jake's pups are now top-notch hunting dogs. Jake was retired to pet status and lived on a mini-farm in Central Virginia.

Jeb Stuart, The Legend of Covenant Farm

This James Ewell Brown Stuart ("you can call me Jeb"), our first stud, and father of over 125 Covenant Farm Puppies. A fine specimen of Southern Labrador manliness. Broad shoulders, narrow hips, broad head and fun personality. It doesn't get any better than Jeb! He is a terrific, loyal dog, loves to swim in our pond, and loves to please! He wags his tail so hard his whole hindquarters get in gear! He has an even temperament, and is a proven stud. He has sired at least a dozen litters here at Covenant Farm, to Shelby, Sophee, Gabby, Molly and Liberty. Jeb passed away in 2017 at 12 years old.