The Launch of The PuppyMan Blog!

B&B_blogWell, I’ve procrastinated long enough! My Facebook friends and puppy owners have been encouraging me to start this blog for two years, and it’s finally launched.

There’s not much up here to look at yet, but I will try to post something every day or two. Something useful. Something interesting. Something challenging. Something you didn’t know.

So much of what I have learned about puppies and dogs, caring for them, using natural remedies to help and cure everything from parvo virus to seizures to skin allergies, has been virtually lost in old Facebook posts I will never be able to find again. So I begin the job of putting down everything I have learned in this blog so it can be accessed and shared easily.

Some folks (kindly) call me an “expert”.  That’s overstating the case. I know a lot and have learned a lot, but I’m always still learning, and always running up against issues I have never seen and have no clue to deal with. As I encounter those, I will share that info with you. Think of me as a “resource” rather than an “expert”.

But besides the useful information about care & feeding, behavior and such, I want to have some fun here as well. So hopefully there will be some chuckles along the way, especially in the “Puppies” category.

I encourage you to ask questions and respond to my posts, and feel free to request blog posts on topics of particular interest to you.

4 thoughts on “The Launch of The PuppyMan Blog!

  1. Anonymous

    Yes, certainly. Most first generation (Mastiff x Lab) Mastadors are all black. While my Mastiff stud is now with another breeder producing Mastadors, we still use him.

    My two lasses that are first generation Mastadors produce black pups and some pups that are the color of my Mastador stud (two or three shades of brown). My brindle lasses are 60/40 Mastiff/Lab, and when put with Charlie produce *only* colors, variations on the Mastiff colors.

  2. Linda Heard

    We are really hoping to find a puppy for the spring of 2021. I have stage four cancer and would love to have a puppy to care for and leave we’ll trained for my family which includes children and grandchildren. We love big dogs! would you be able to contact us at

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