The True Source of “Honest Business Practices”

We periodically receive accolades in one form or another for our “honesty”. It has been noted that folks are wcfp_logoilling to drive in their cars over 1,000 miles to come get a puppy they have never seenĀ  (except in photos) or have a puppy they have only seen photos of, shipped clear across America. People trust us this way because we have built up “a good reputation”. But why? And how?

I want to take this opportunity to point you all in the direction any discussion of this topic needs to go: God’s Word, the Holy Bible holds specific business principles and rules, which if followed, will always result in “honest business practice”. If you practice them, you will ALWAYS be thought of as a business or person with “honesty” and “integrity” who can be “trusted”.

Most people are not aware that God’s original covenant (the Old Testament) contains specific instructions regulating business behavior. Many Christians erroneously ignore or avoid the Old Testament as being “no longer in force”. But this is serious error, not just doctrinally, but in every other way. The Bible has instructions, guidelines and rules for the conduct of EVERYTHING we do in our lives.

Some of our staunchest defenders (at those odd times when we come under attack) are actually folks that have had a problem with a puppy they got from us. That is because we see the value in running towards a problem in business, and solve it to everyone’s satisfaction, rather than running away from it. Running away from responsibility is human nature, and God’s Word tells us we need to fight and put off that natural tendency, and adopt His rules of behavior.

When I post here about topics that are perceived as “religious” I often get private (or public) comments from some of my friends and puppy owners that, “we are here for the dogs, not for the politics or religion. We would prefer not to see that here”. What you don’t understand is, the very thing you like about us and our business is BECAUSE of these very things you think you don’t want to see or hear!

Everybody knows folks that profess to be Christians, but are not honest in their business dealings. That in NO WAY reflects on Biblical principles, it only reflects on the people who profess Christ, yet are disobedient to His word. When you meet an honest non-Christian businessman, you will find that he is honest because he is following Biblical principles, whether he knows he is or not.

So folks, you will hear this stuff from me from time to time because I would be remiss and derelict in my responsibility to YOU, if I did not say the things which must be said.

The bottom line: You like me and my business because we follow Christ and His word, and run our business according to its precepts, whether you realize that’s the reason or not.

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